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Strong Essays words 2. In his reflection "London," William Blake laments the poverty faced by the lower class of modern, industrialized London, and he can find no note of consolation or hope for their future. The poet uses this theme to dramatically depict the conditions in which the oppressed lower class is forced to live; he develops the theme through the use of sounds, symbolism, and an ironic twist of words in the last line that expresses Blake's ultimate belief in the hopelessness of the situation Better Essays words 2.

It condemns authoritative institutions including the military, royalty, new industries, and the Church. Blake's tone creates a feeling of informative bitterness, and is both angry and despondent at the suffering and increasing corruption of London's society Just as Jonah was reluctant to prophesy to the Ninevites for fear that his enemies would hear and repent, Blake has a vested interest in perpetuating the blindness of his readers Free Essays words 8. It is a glimpse at a period of England's history particularly London during war and poverty, experienced by the narrator as he walks through the streets.

Using personification it draws a great human aspect to its representation of thoughts and beliefs of the narrator. The author uses a rhyme scheme that mirrors the pace of walking. The pace is moderate using an octameter meter, and each stressed syllable is like each footfall of the narrator Good Essays words 1. He describes the wretched people at the bottom of the society, the chimney-sweeps, soldiers, and harlots.

These people cry out from their pain and the injustices done to them. The entire poem centers around the wails of these people and what they have become due to wrongs done to them by the rest of society, primarily institutions such as the church and government The immediate image the audience will visualize is that the streets of London were mapped out. However, on further examination the reader can determine that Blake had another meaning for the word.

The word charter is also a document bestowing certain rights on a town or city William Blake uses symbolism, allusion, and imagery to paint a vivid picture of the streets of London in the late 's and early 's. William Blake wrote London between and Both poems are about London, but they have very different views of the city. Wordsworth sees the good about the city and doesn't pick up any negatives. Blake however expresses a negative feeling and shows how it is felt by all.

Wordsworth was the son of a lawyer called John Wordsworth. His father was the personal attorney of the Earl of Lonsdale, the most powerful and hated man in the area Powerful Essays words 5. Most of his writings analyze different sides of a subject, and this dichotomy of opposing sides is apparent in his collection Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience. Better Essays words 2 pages Preview. Through the historical background exposed in the previous chapters, in fact, we came across only to the objective point of view of the city, but if we want to discover the feel of London life, its people, its sounds and smells there is a more direct source: literature.

Through poems we can understand the way the authors, like many other people, lived this specific experience Term Papers words 7.

The Life of William Blake

His poem had great meaning and targeted those who were in the higher class who knew how to read Powerful Essays words 4. Blake analyzes the traits of the different social groups on an everyday encounter while out on the streets, whereas Paz's poem encompasses the feelings of a man on a particular journey down a street. This is just one of many similarities in the two poems.

Both poems exude an intimate feeling of discontent, yet both are for very different reasons. Blake's poem deals with the external conflict of a politically unstable London, while Paz's poem deals more with the internal conflict the narrator experiences as a result of low self worth New Criticism is a good type of literary criticism to use for the poem, London.

William Blake uses repetition throughout the poem in multiple circumstances. The first time he uses repetition is in the first and second lines of the first stanza Blake addresses a universal audience in a prophetic voice, taking the role of the poet upon himself often using a mystical tone. In contrast Wordsworth uses language specific to all and directs his writing to ordinary people writing as an ordinary person reacting to his own personal experiences These are among some of the most common goals and aspirations that humans hold close to them.

However, it is not as easy as it seems because life throws everyone curve balls from time to time. Whether it is growing up in a city people look up to such as London only to have adulthood hit you in the face with responsibilities or getting bad news, life is not always the way we want it The speaker is giving readers an image of confinement.

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He is stating that the river, buildings, and people are restricted and there is little freedom. Charter is a government issued document that gives rights to people. This collection works in collaboration with an earlier collection of the author's poems called The Songs of Innocence.

CHECK THESE SAMPLES OF William Blake's London

The works of bring to the reader a more realistic or even pessimistic view of the author's native England, in comparison to the poems in The Songs of Innocence. One of the works in the more realistic collection is simply titled "London. William Blake lived from to and spent his entire life living in Britain. On one hand this chant like rhythm creates a feeling of conformity and industry, which is a reflection of the industrial revolution and the power of the government.

However, the chant also can be seen as a representation of a monotonous ticking of a clock; a symbol of the endless cycle of pain and despair felt by the lower classes of London. The speaker is a young man who is walking the streets late at night watching the darkness wrap itself around the people. The speaker is trying to explain and show to the reader that there is more going, than what one sees on the surface. As the reader gets further into the poem one can feel the misery surrounding the citizens of the city and envision their defeat.

The speaker is pulling aside the veil to share the truths of the pain and suffering the young and the old are experiencing Better Essays words 3. To be poor defines being oppressed, this poem shows through the ranks that there is unification among everyone, in the fact that no matter who they are, society is repressed by the government. William Blake, in his poem London, uses rhyme, repetition and imagery paint the picture of social oppression in London. Wordsworth sees the beauty in London and Blake sees only the ugliness.

William Wordsworth's "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge" gives a step-by-step look at the awe-inspiring beauty of a London sunrise, whereas William Blake's "London" shows the dreary ugliness of London life by taking a stroll down London's streets These two texts share one similarity — they both are set in London.

However, this is where their similarities end. Both texts showcase distinct aspects of London culture — one highlights the lives of the impoverished, and the other focuses on the wealthy tradesmen of London Better Essays words 3 pages Preview. Both poets were well known during the eighteenth century, Blake was seen to have better understanding of the city, therefore represents his opinions from a Londoners point of view, and on the other hand Wordsworth was more of a country oriented person consequently giving a darker image of London.

'London' - William Blake: A Critical Essay by David Wheeler

Surprisingly, they both shared different views on London, yet they lived in the same country with vast knowledge of the area Strong Essays words 3 pages Preview. William blake The poem is written in iambic tetrameter, which initially gives the impression that the poem will be a cheerful and upbeat poem. Good Essays words 2. Blake discards the common, glorifying view of London and replaces it with his idea of truth. London is nothing more but a city strapped by harsh economic times where Royalty and other venues of power have allowed morality and goodness to deteriorate so that suffering and poverty are all that exist.

It is with the use of three distinct metaphors; "mind-forg'd manacles", "blackning Church", and "Marriage hearse", that Blake conveys the idea of a city that suffers from physical and psychological imprisonment, social oppression, and an unraveling moral society Strong Essays words 4. It leads readers to believe that something has happened which led this man to go on a long walk along the Thames River. Free Essays words 1. Also chartered means on a map, almost as if it is owned, by the king perhaps.

This pattern of images suggests that all classes of society are corrupted through industrial labour and condemns those in power who allow for the subjugation of children to continue Better Essays words 4. Both observations of London are depicted through the poets' personal perspectives of London using individual experiences. Powerful Essays words 4 pages Preview. This period was not so-called until the mid 19th century when readers began to see six different poets as part of the same movement. Some aspects of Romantic poetry were; there was an increasing interest in nature; there was an increased interest in landscape and scenery; human moods were connected to the moods of nature This was because the people of London would throw there waste into it.

Many poor children died of a disease called cholera that made them turn blue and spotty; it was carried through infected drinking water in the public water pumps. The lower classes were too poor to buy medicine from the doctors to cure themselves, so many died from illnesses that would not be serious today Free Essays words 2.

The Tyger also uses a significant amount of imagery and symbolism, which contributes to its spiritual aspects.

London (William Blake poem)

In the poem London, Blake is trying to dispel the myth of grandeur and glory. This associated with London and to show how 'real' people of London felt. London was seen and portrayed as a powerful city where the wealthy lived and socialized The Chimney-Sweeper is about a child who sweeps chimneys. William Blake sets this poem in the winter. The children worked in the cold. However in terms of style and perspective, they differ greatly from each other.

He describes it, as having mapped out streets, even the river Thames is not flowing along its natural route, the whole place is unnatural, and false. All Blake can see is misery everywhere.

http://www.dogsandtrail.com/images/map21.php Free Essays words 3. William Blake - used his poetry as a powerful instrument for social comment. The two poems present conflicting views of creation and mankind. In his innocent years, Blake saw the world as a 'joyous meadow, natural and free. However as he grew with experience his naive ideology was tainted with images of war and devastation Both have written a poem describing their feelings for the city of London, but they were written ten years apart.

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This is shown when reading the poems, as the each gives a very different perception to the other For instance, the narrator in "London" describes both the Thames and the city streets as "chartered," or controlled by people only interested in making money. He also refers to "mind-forged manacles" whereby he comments on how the authorities try to stop pioneers in such thoughts like Blake Blake was brought up in the city and saw the more poverty-driven and polluted side to London whereas Wordsworth writes about the beauty and peaceful view of London.

He may have seen this side because he was born and bred in the beautiful countryside in the North of England I will be comparing the language and attitude expressed by both poets. Blake seems to express extreme dislike towards London, whilst Wordsworth expresses like, and peace in his view towards Westminster Bridge. He reveals his feelings toward war by describing the blood that runs down the palace walls. The palace, of course, is where royalty would have lived. Thus, the speaker accuses the higher up people in his society of spilling the blood of the soldiers in order to keep their comfort of living in a palace.

In the final stanza, the speaker reveals how the corruptness of society attacks innocence.

The idea of a youthful harlot suggests the level of poverty and corruption, that a girl who was yet a youth would be involved in prostitution. She curses at the tears of a newborn baby. This is the ultimate attack upon innocence. The speaker does not reveal whether the harlot is the mother of the baby or not, but he does imply that rather than comforting a crying infant, she curses it.

This reveals the hardened heart of the harlot, which represents the hardened heart of society at large. While the innocent shed tears, the perverted attack them. She has deranged marriage by having sold her body before ever entering into the marriage union. Although the speaker believes that the Harlot has somehow damaged marriage, he also reveals his beliefs about marriage in the first place.

Overall, the poem has criticized society, the church, prostitution, and even marriage. The innocent baby shedding tears represents those who are innocent in the world. They are few and they are scoffed at.

They are also infants, and are not left to be innocent for long. He did not conform to these patterns, but rather found himself among other radical thinkers. This poem particularly condemns the stringent rules of society. Blake experienced some of this first hand. At one point in his life, he was accused of speaking against the king Bio. The penalty for this was severe, and Blake was distraught over the issue until he was finally acquitted. It is not surprising that he should revile such a strict government. Subscribe to our mailing list and get new poetry analysis updates straight to your inbox.

Allisa graduated with a degree in Secondary Education and English and taught World Literature and Composition at the high school level. She has always enjoyed writing, reading, and analysing literature. Thank you. Very well spotted! You must have the eyesight of an eagle! Unfortunately Alissa is no longer writing for us and I believe that only she can edit her bio. But please keep those eyes peeled for any errors. It helps us to improve!

Poetry Critical Appreciation "LONDON" William Blake, UGC/NET/JRF/MA/BA

Hi Joel. Thank you for your feedback, although I am slightly confused as to what you found to be aggressive? All these notes and the whole website really helped me for my exam! Thank you so much! But maybe she knows that Blake did think negatively about the idea of marriage as he was a free thinker.

Unfortunately the writer of this article is no longer with poem analysis. Perhaps she was assuming based on the content of the poem? Or maybe she had contextual information from elsewhere. It is impossible to say. I think this is a great example of using powerful metaphors to convey tone. William Blake. Prev Article Next Article. Get more Poetry Analysis like this in your inbox Subscribe to our mailing list and get new poetry analysis updates straight to your inbox.

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